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A luxury house: "The main theme in my life is to live in all its manifestations!"

In the issue No.1 of the Luxury Home magazine in 2016, an article was published about the artist Olga Drob-Pervushina - a member of the International Art Fund of the Moscow Association of Artists, where she talked about her creativity.
The newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda: "The Creative Beginning"
She is famous for her performances Olga Drob-Pervushina presented in the Central House of Artists works from several series, including one of the most striking and provocative - "The woman's manifesto". This is the quintessence of creativity and a reflection of the artist's inner world. Olga Drob-Pervushina's performance-exhibition
In the series "The Oysters", she reveals the idea of how enormous vital energy, the feminine, subtle matter, on which the whole world stands, are hidden inside a simple form. "The Oysters" is a reminder to all of us who we are and what is within us.
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Business Moscow: The woman's manifesto is in business and creativity
Modern businesswoman: what is she like? Iron lady with a lack of privacy, tough and unprincipled? Not always. A modern businesswoman is also an amazing combination of a successful woman, mother and a talented artist.
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T&P: An exhibition and performance of artist and producer Olga Drob-Pervushina
In that year Olga Drob-Pervushina the debutant of the art salon will present her work. In them, the artist, as it were, contemplates the inner world of the man and his connection with the Universe at the microscopic level, which is revealed on canvases in completely different forms and images.
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yamoskva: The Central House of Artists will host an exhibition-performance of artist and producer Olga Drob-Pervushina
On the eve of the spring holidays, the first exhibition of the young artist Olga Drob-Pervushina will open at the Central House of Artists, which will be held from March 6 to 15 at the Moscow International Art Salon "Central House of Artists-2015".
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2do2go: An exhibition-performance of artist and producer Olga Drob-Pervushina
In that year the salon is dedicated to the theme "People and the World", which is especially relevant in the complex realities of today's world. Traditionally, the organizer of the salon is the international confederation of unions of artists (MKSH) with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Arts and the Department of Culture of the Government of Moscow.
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