"Resource" Series
"Everything that a person's gaze can only fall at, and even more: what people are able to simply think about, can be considered a resource. The means and purpose of the application of forces. It is this view of man on the world around, nature in a broad sense, that is able to bring "nature" out of a state of dynamic equilibrium. Through the relation to the "resource" the subjectivity of a person is manifested, because subjectivity, with a wide degree of generalization, is the ability to appropriate and realize the act of appropriation. Such reasoning is opposite to solipsism, according to which the being is projected, "unfolds", from the depths of the "I""

Olga's new series of works "Resource" is about just that. Logical development of the "Terra sensus" project. But now the pictures are devoid of accidents.

Natural materials, at the behest of the author, are built into the clear geometry of the canvases. But the artistic materials "return" to a resourceful state: in them (paints, potals) Olga tried to reveal the original natural genesis, the "chemistry".